How to rent with Midwest Photo Rentals

Midwest Photo Rentals is now open in-store and for touch-less curbside pick-up!

The store is currently open to the public both in-store and for curbside service! Our curbside process is touchless - just pull up, call us, and pop your trunk! Rentals will be open Monday through Saturday, from 10 am to 6 pm.

Please let us know if you have any questions! We are available by email, phone, chat, or our website reservation system.

Our policies and requirements for renting photographic equipment can be seen here.

Click Here for Our Rentals Policy

3 easy ways to reserve your rental at Midwest Photo

Visit the website and submit a rental request - if you are reading this you are already here!

Call the rental desk directly at 614-261-1264 - we are available by phone from 10am to 6pm, Monday through Saturday.

Send us a question or request through email to and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Starting a Midwest Photo Rentals account

Opening a rental account is easy, but may require showing previous rental and industry references, website and company documentation, or additional proof of identity. We reserve the right to refuse service if proper documentation is not received by the rental date.

Rental House and Industry References

Rental House and Industry References

To start a rental account, we may need to contact professionals you have worked in the past. This can include other rental houses, production professionals, or existing MPEX Rentals account holders.
COI May Be Required

COI May Be Required

Depending on the equipment and your rental history with us, you may be required to provide a valid Certificate Of Insurance that properly covers rented equipment, with Midwest Photo as a Loss Payee. Failure to have a COI on file may result in cancellation of your reservation, if necessary.
Touchless Rental Agreement

Touchless Rental Agreement

To better serve our clients, we have designed a touchless Rental Agreement to minimize person to person contact. This means that NEW rental accounts will need to be vetted by management before any rental account can be approved.