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Sensor Cleaning at Midwest Photo

Sensor Cleaning at Midwest Photo

Sensor Cleaning at Midwest Photo Rentals!

If you have ever looked at the sky in one of your photos and saw some little dots or spots, you may need a sensor cleaning!

Camera sensors can collect dust and those particles can show up in your pictures. Mirrorless cameras can be more susceptible to sensor dust than DSLRs, because of the exposed sensor, but dust can get into any interchangeable lens camera!

At MPEX Rentals we do professional wet cleanings of the camera's sensor, in addition to removing any dust or particles from the sensor box and mirror.

Sensor Cleaning:

  • Cost is $50 per Camera body
    • Service includes exterior cleaning of body, and cleaning of mirror-box, and mirror, if applicable.
  • Only applicable to interchangeable lens cameras,.
  • Please bring your camera with a FULLY charged battery for sensor cleaning.
  • No lenses, straps, or accessories needed with service. Body cap is essential.

Send us an email or call us if you have any questions about MPEX services!


Phone: 614-261-1264 option 1 for Rentals